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Wondering why your prospects don’t find you on Google, or why your website doesn’t generate traffic and leads like you thought it would? How about why your competitors seem to show up for coveted keywords above you in search results? These are good questions that you should have the answers to.

If you own or do marketing for a business, having the answers to those types of questions can drastically help to improve your presence online, and to get these answers, you need to conduct a comprehensive total online presence audit, and if you don’t have the time, we’re here to help.

We create a detailed report that shows you the highest priority issues for your business that you need to work on in order to boost your rankings and get found easier online.

Now, audits may vary depending on your business and industry, but generally, we will analyze the following areas within your report:

  • Comprehensive Website Review

  • Editorial content review

  • SEO factors – on page and off page

  • Social profile review

  • Google My Business review

  • Directory and citation review

  • Online reputation review

  • Competitive landscape

Once we conduct the audit, we will both have a much better understanding of what marketing efforts you need to focus on. To get your complimentary audit today please fill out the form below.


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